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Westminster roads go car-free

The Cross River Partnership (CRP) is supporting World Car Free Day today (22 September) through a series of activities in the London borough of Westminster.

As part of the day several streets in the capital are closed to encourage more community activities including green streets, play areas, and events promoting cycling and walking.

Green walls are among the initiatives being used in the Marylebone LEN

The Mayors Air Quality funded Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood programme, on behalf of Westminster city council, is closing Luxborough Street which is hosting a series of initiatives including electric bike trials and tree planting.

Commenting on the initiative Londons Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues said: Low Emission Neighbourhoods are an exciting new Mayoral initiative helping to not only reduce pollution but also to demonstrate how cleaner greener streets are better for people and business.

Reducing car use is a key way to improve our streets and clean up the toxic air that we are breathing. Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhoods Community Green Street is a great way to highlight the benefits of going car free.

At City Hall, the Mayor is making great strides to reduce car usage and clean up Londons deadly air, but government must match our ambition in tackling the biggest public health emergency of a generation.

The Mayor and TfL have ambitious targets to reduce car usage in the capital and the city is set to see the introduction of the 10 Emissions Surcharge known as the T-charge for polluting vehicles to drive in the central London Congestion Charge zone.

Additionally, the Mayors Transport Strategy (2017/18) aims to increase the number of trips on foot, by bicycle or by using public transport from 64% in 2015 to 80% in 2041.

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