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AQN Magazine – Issue 2

The Australian bushfires shocked the world and images of flames decimating wildlife in the region were harrowing to witness. 


The fires also highlighted how climate change and air pollution are closely linked. PM2.5 readings of over 400g/m3 enveloped Sydney and kept residents indoors at the peak of what is supposed to be their summer.


As we enter a new decade, it feels like the fires could be a harbinger of things to come. So, for the second issue of the Air Quality News magazine, we wanted to explore the thread that links climate change and air pollution.


Jamie Hailstone speaks to some leading academics in the field to help joins the dots, we interview one of the UKs leading environmentalists, Ben Fogle, and we hear how Birmingham City Councils Clean Air Zone plans is informing their wider climate agenda.  


Pippa Neill also analyses how Heathrows controversial third runway will impact on air pollution.


There has been a general election since the last issue of our magazine, and we explore how a renewed sense of optimism could lead to more funding for local authorities as they attempt to cut toxic air in our towns and cities.

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Air Quality News magazine – Issue 2 is below.


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