Artifical intelligence technology to enhance EV production

New artificial intelligence (AI) technology can enhance the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. 

The new AI technology which has been created by automation company Comau is designed for industrial-scale EV manufacturing to optimise the construction and assembly of batteries. 

EV battery packs are composed of a large number of individual battery cells that are held and electronically connected by numerous welded joints. 

High electrical resistance, due to poor joint quality, can create energy loss and heat generation, which can cause a potential safety issue and also reduces the efficiency of the battery. 

The AI technology automatically assesses the surface defects and the electrical resistance of each joint before final assembly, therefore saving the manufacturers time and costs while also ensuring the safety of the battery. 

Giovanni Di Stefano, chief technology officer at Comau, said: ‘High-precision joining is vital in the assembly and integrity of a battery and the combined use of infrared vision and artificial intelligence enables Comau to non-invasively identify esthetic, structural and electrical defects directly within the manufacturing process.

‘In this way, we help our customers better meet the evolving requirements of the electrification market.’

In related news, the University of Sussex has recently joined a new £17m research project to improve charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).

Sales of EVs are increasing across Europe but drivers still regularly encounter problems in finding appropriate charging options.

The eCharge4Drivers project aims to improve the user experience at EV charging stations in order to increase the attractiveness and convenience of EVs.

Photo Credit – Pixabay

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