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Now, more than ever before, people are aware of the damage that air pollution is causing. We understand the challenges involved and Air Quality News Online has been at the forefront of the debate for many years.

We believe it is the right time to extend the reach of our reporting through our print magazine enabling us to deliver increased feature content allowing us to examine the causes, impact and possible solutions of air pollution.

The Air Quality News Magazine is Edited by Thomas Barrett and his respected editorial team investigate the problems associated with air pollution and report on possible solutions.

To give you an insight into the type of articles, analysis, market coverage and reporting that we endeavour to achieve, you can access the magazines here;

Issue 6 – Dec ’20

Issue 5 – Oct ’20

Issue 4 – July ’20

Issue 3 – May ’20

Issue 2 – Feb ’20

Issue 1 – Nov ’19

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