Webinar: Improving Air Quality through Practical Solutions


Watch this webinar to understand the role that LPG, electric and other alternatively fuelled vehicles can play in addressing air quality and sustainable development challenges at the city level. The webinar will enable you to better understand the opportunities afforded by these fuels and offers the latest academic evidence complemented by practical examples.

During this hour-long session Tim Williamson (Aether Air Quality Expert) guide you through the policy context including air quality and carbon targets and expectations for Low Emission and Clean Air Zones. Technical analysis and in-depth case study examples of the role that LPG and electric vehicles can play at the City level are then presented by Dr Alison Pridmore (Aether Transport Expert) and Elizabeth Bohun (Project Manager from the Go Ultra Low Oxford On-Street Charging Project). Broader consideration is given to the role of other alternative transport fuels, especially in the longer term. The webinar concludes with a question and answer session with participants invited to submit questions in advance and during the webinar.

Who is the webinar for?
• Local authorities
• Public sector organisations

Tim Williamson, Principal Consultant, Aether
Dr Alison Pridmore, Principal Consultant, Aether
Elizabeth Bohun, Environmental Sustainability Project Officer, Oxford City Council

What do they say about the webinar?
“Cost effective emission reduction – a key aim of Local Authorities can be improved through understanding the sustainability offer of electric, LPG and other alternative fuelled vehicles. This offer can cover economic, social and environmental aspects. Join us as we show you the latest evidence and approaches relevant to you at the city level”.