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AirProfiling Ltd

The UK’s go-to distributor of the brilliant

uHoo “PRO” Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

uHoo “PRO” represents the pinnacle of the new generation of Indoor Air Quality Monitors designed for commercial applications:

  • compact
  • lower cost
  • web-based (including IoT)
  • compact
  • very informative
  • intuitive to use
  • API-enabled versatility
  • fast upload of data
  • energy saving
  • low maintenance
  • low operational cost
  • aesthetically superb

NINE Monitored Parameters

uHoo “PRO” delivers more actionable information than any other by monitoring:

  1. Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2
  2. Particulate Matter – PM2.5
  3. Volatile Organic Compounds – tVOCs
  4. Ozone – O3
  5. Carbon Dioxide – CO2
  6. Carbon Monoxide – CO
  7. Temperature – °C
  8. Relative Humidity – %RH
  9. Air Pressure – mbar
  • Meets WELL v2 Building Certification requirements
  • Unlimited number of monitors per account.
  • Annual software licence per monitor

Management Dashboard

With a feature-packed cloud-based dashboard, uHoo “PRO” makes possible:

  • Insights into the data from every monitor
  • An unprecedented level of control and management of indoor air quality – fast, responsive and granular
  • Total control over internal personnel access to IAQ data, person by person, monitor by monitor
  • Total control over external access to IAQ data – stake-holders, contractors, strategic parties
  • Direct comparison of data between 2 or more monitors, parameter by parameter
  • Instant download of data in CSV format, across all parameters
  • Instant screen-shots in JPG format.


uHoo “PRO’s” APIs enable:

  • Customised analysis and presentation of data.
  • Customised alerts and warnings
  • Fast and full integration with:
  • Regular BMS
  • The world’s leading and latest generation of Building Automation Systems

Market Sectors

  • Facilities management
  • Commercial and institutional offices, local authority controlled premises
  • Hospitality – hotels, restaurants, bars, event venues, conference centres
  • Leisure – gymnasiums, leisure centres
  • Health Care – hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, care homes, nursing homes
  • Education – day nurseries, play groups, primary & secondary schools, universities
  • Housing – multiple premises managed by Housing Associations and Local Authorities

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