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AS Modelling & Data Ltd

AS Modelling & Data are well established as providers of atmospheric dispersion and deposition modelling of odour, ammonia and other pollutants using the latest version of ADMS for a wide range of clients including intensive pig and poultry units, dairy and beef cattle farms, the waste water industry, waste management, general manufacturing and Local Authorities. Our team can provide the expertise, modelling, data and reports for odour, ammonia and air quality assessments including detailed modelling of emissions from ammonia scrubbers and innovative ventilation systems.

AS Modelling & Data can also provide meteorological station data and site-specific Numerical Weather Prediction data for any site location in the world, which can be converted for use within ADMS. Meteorological parameters we currently provide include rainfall, temperature, wind speed and direction, snow depth, soil moisture content and cloud cover, although we can acquire the data for many others on request.

The team have a wealth of knowledge and experience with backgrounds in the Met Office Rural Environment Team, ADAS and post-graduate study in meteorology and climatology. We are able to assist with complicated projects and can provide expert witness testimonial where necessary. Please get in touch with one of our team with any questions or enquiries.

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