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Campbell Associates

Campbell Associates are proud to supply a market leading range of Air Quality Monitors from Aeroqual, to monitor PM2.5, PM10, NO2, Ozone and other gases, all in the one small box.  The product range includes both hand-held and complete fixed monitoring systems for indoors and outdoors, as well as a range of Ambient Air Quality Analysers.  The AQY Micro and the AQS 1 Mini Air Quality Monitoring Systems use specialised sensor technology to conquer the difficult problem of recording ozone and nitrogen dioxide levels as two separate scientifically credible measurements, without the need for web-based algorithms. Aeroqual have created analysers which are not only low cost, low maintenance and deliver data without an internet connection, they produce data of a quality previously only possible from reference equivalent analysers. Our air quality specialist Peter Fleming, an expert in his field is fully satisfied after much research, comparison and analysis, the AQY & AQS 1 deliver a new level of ozone, NO2 and particulate measurement accuracy.

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