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CarTakeBack is the UK’s largest network of scrap car recycling centres with over 300 sites across the UK. CarTakeBack provide a scrap car recycling service to the public and businesses including vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, police forces, auction houses as well as local authorities and government bodies.

Tackling Air Pollution

Taking older polluting cars off the road, recycling them to the highest standards and replacing them with a greener form of transport has a positive impact on the environment and the quality of the air we breathe. Many Local Authorities use our service to dispose of abandoned vehicles and supply our information to residents to ensure they are aware of how to legally and safely dispose of an old car.

Vehicle Recycling

CarTakeBack offers a fast and efficient way to dispose of vehicles by providing an instant online quote, free collection from any home or business address, and scrap vehicles are recycled to the highest standards. If permitting, and deemed the most environmentally friendly option, the vehicle or its parts may be repaired and reused.

All of CarTakeBack’s recycling centres are fully equipped and authorised to treat vehicles in accordance with strict environmental regulations, and our team have the knowledge and expertise to provide the highest standards of service in car recycling, whatever your needs.

Government Regulations

All vehicles scrapped by CarTakeBack are recycled in line with the government’s End of Life Vehicle Regulations – meaning 95% of an end of life vehicle is recycled, recovered or reused – and we have exclusive partnerships with major vehicle manufacturers including the likes of Ford, Renault, Nissan, Peugeot Citroen, Tesla and Jaguar Land Rover. We also work closely with Defra to ensure that our contracted car makers and car recycling centres comply with the law.

Scrappage Schemes

CarTakeBack have a successful history of handling and supporting vehicle scrappage schemes. Including government and local authority schemes as well as vehicle manufacturer and dealership lead schemes. We are already fully set up and ready to go with systems and teams of staff to provide a full management and administrative service to suit your requirements, and can launch and manage schemes quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Specialist Electric Vehicle Handling

CarTakeBack is at the forefront of electric vehicle recycling, using its industry leading expertise to inform various high level research projects and to support its recycling partners. Along with offering professional advice CarTakeBack has invested in comprehensive training programmes to support its partners in offering a safe, professional and environmentally responsible collection, dismantling and recycling service for both electric vehicles and their batteries at their end of life’

Get in touch

Contact CarTakeBack to find out more about our services or simply link to our website to let people know how they can do their bit for air quality by getting rid of an older polluting car.

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