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Data Monitoring Systems Ltd

Located in the UK, Data Monitoring Systems Ltd are a data solutions provider (AQ Web) for the Air monitoring sector.

From your single analyser, right through to your complete network, our Data Gateway has the ability to connect to 20 analysers simultaneously, and also carry out automatic calibrations or remotely using our DMS Site Manager application. Connect remotely to any analyser without any dialup. Data ratification, and advanced reports may be carried out on your data using our DMS Reports package, also with the ability to collect all your data from our ftp server.

All major analysers, for example, Thermo, Palas, Ecotech, Vaisala, and much more may be connected directly to our Data Gateways using their own protocol . There are over 100 manufacturer protocols built into our Data Gateways. For a complete list visit .

In the past 15+ years, our AQ Web Data Collection system has been operating in over 27 countries, spanning 5 continents.

Data Monitoring Systems Ltd manufacture weather stations which connect directly to our mini or full Data Gateway.

Coming soon:

  • Indoor Air Monitoring systems measuring






With display, mobile phone and WiFi connectivity.

  • Access your real-time data with our web portal, displaying your stations data in various charts.
  • Mobile phone application.



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