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Give a Car

How the Giveacar Scheme Works

Giveacar is an organisation that is festooned in the art of turning a negative into a positive. By embracing unwanted, neglected or unusable cars and donating the proceeds raised through scrap or auction to charity, we are giving a new lease of life to both the vehicle that’s donated and the causes they support. Sandwiched between the charity sector and commercial re-sale of scrap metal and motor vehicles, we continue to be the trusted leader within the car donations service.

Our scrap car partners have sites strategically placed up and down the country, all of which are registered as Authorised Treatment Facilities and are regulated by the Environment Agency. We always provide our donors with a Certificate of Destruction as evidence that their vehicle has been recycled in accordance with proper etiquette. These are the key ingredients TfL require in order to gain eligibility for their scrappage scheme, therefore perfectly establishing Giveacar as the means with which people can join the TfL scheme.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, our sole income is generated through our admin fee. With vehicles that have a value of £149 and below we take a 25% fee, and vehicles worth £150+ we take an additional 5%. Many of our customers are happy to proceed on this basis, most notably because we communicate to them that with every £1 that’s donated we raise £11.30 for other charities, therefore maximising every donation we receive.

That’s Giveacar. We are the market experts and are driven towards a more charitable and sustainable environment.

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