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Piera Systems

Piera Systems Inc. is focused on measuring Air Quality.  Piera’s next generation ‘Intelligent Particle Sensor’ (IPS) uses a breakthrough approach for detecting and measuring the quantity and size of particles with a proprietary mixed-signal ASIC,  the PCIC (Particle Counting Integrated Circuit).  Existing PM Sensors  use Low-Pulse Occupancy (LPO) detection which is inaccurate, low in resolution and slow.  IPS has superior accuracy, detects much smaller particles over a wider range (PM0.1-10.0+ microns) and counts them in real time.

IPS can be programmed to detect a wide range of particle sizes allowing for a single sensor to be used in a range of applications making it the first Software-Defined PM Sensor.  For the first time, applications can be developed that take advantage of low cost, accurate real time data on PM which can identify sources like vape, smoke, etc.  IPS can be integrated easily with Air Purifiers, Air Quality Monitors, HVAC systems and any application that benefits from complete, accurate, real-time data at low cost.
IPS is the first PM Sensor certified by the Korea Electronics Technology Institute.  A copy of the test report is available along with an evaluation kit. Details can be found at


Intelligent Particle Sensor

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