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Pollution Solution

Patented pollution control technology, independently verified to capture upto 97% of all vehicle exhaust and upto 90.6% of brake dust vehicle emissions. 

Our road based technology offers unrivalled levels of roadway pollution control by capturing emissions as close to the source as possible. 

Designed for use at junctions, highways, pollution hot-spots and fast food drive-thrus, our system utilises simple suction vents installed into the roadway and connected via pipework to a roadside air cleaning station to extract harmful gases and particulates before they enter the immediate atmosphere. The air is then cleaned to a level of 99% and passed back into the atmosphere, ensuring safe and legal quality air to breathe. 

Not only does our system allow operators to drastically reduce residents, staff, neighbours and or customers exposure to harmful pollutants, it also serves as a great means to lower carbon footprint, improve eco credentials, serve as a means to offset carbon tax, mitigate potential lawsuits and also reduce pollutant release into the atmosphere, which is proven to accelerate climate change.

Our system is capable of running from solar power, utilises low energy fans and all of the filters we use are cleanable and recyclable.

Systems are also available at nil cost on the basis of advertisement and sponsorship endorsements.

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David Lewis – Commercial & Construction Director

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