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Siemens Mobility

As a market leader in intelligent traffic systems, Siemens Mobility Limited designs, manufactures, installs and maintains a broad portfolio of traffic management solutions worldwide.

The company’s product range includes traffic control, congestion charging and clean air zone solutions, as well as managed services, hosting, civil and criminal speed enforcement and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This suite of systems helps towns and cities to improve their traffic flow, reduce emissions and enhance road safety and air quality in congested urban areas.

Siemens Mobility’s enforcement solutions have been at the heart of London’s Congestion Charging and Low Emission Zone schemes since 2005 and our technology is used to enforce the city’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) that became operational in 2019. The company is also installing Clean Air Zone (CAZ) solutions in a number of UK cities, helping reduce air pollution by encouraging vehicle owners to transition to cleaner, less-polluting vehicles.

The company’s class leading ANPR cameras and intelligent vehicle recognition and analysis software means that all CAZ scheme variations can be effectively enforced. Its innovative and proven solutions are also used extensively by local authorities to enforce bus lanes, yellow box junctions and school keep clear zones.

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