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Urban Air Purifier

Urban Air Purifier is a company that manufactures equipment for filtering and eliminating pollutants, particles and organisms from the air. Initially, these equipment have been designed to combat pollution in cities, but given the emergency situation, its air filtering and sterilization system has been adapted in order to directly attack COVID-19.

The company was born 3 years ago as a result of the concern of its founder and president (Joaquín Cusí) for the problems generated by pollution and poor air quality in our environment and currently has more than 90 air purifiers installed throughout Spain.

All the development of the project has been done in Barcelona, where it has its headquarters and the production plant. It is currently in the process of internationalization with units installed in Germany, France, the United States and Ireland. It has received the KIM (Knowledge Innovation Market) recognition for the “Best Sustainable Initiative”, the “Distinctive 22 @” for the development of a technological solution for air purification and UAP® technology has been certified by Bureau Veritas.

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