Need for speed

Well, need for speed is probably the worst thing in terms of motor vehicles and emissions but in terms of this site we are keen to see it develop fast. As I write in mid-March 2012 we believe that there is room for a new website to bring forward news and information about air quality issues. We don’t seek to push anyone aside who is already in the sector. We would like to add to discussion and help deliver information, complementing the good work that is already being done.

It is clear however, that air quality is a massive issue and will develop in the future as there is a more awareness of the need for clean air and more pressures across the globe which will threaten air quality. Accordingly, we believe this represents an important step within UK media in bringing some of these stories to the fore and helping promote communication among all those in particular with a professional interest in air quality.

We aim to get this site up and running as speedily as possible. We already produce and on past experience it will take a month or two or even more to fully deliver to you in the air quality sector. We of course welcome your feedback, thoughts and new ideas.

Steve Eminton