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SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions’ (SES) Air & Climate Division recognises the rising pressures to address poor air quality to protect public health and preserve the natural environment. SUEZ SES is committed to achieving and improving air quality levels to as low as reasonably practicable.

The Air & Climate Division has developed a global approach for the management of air quality and has been offering solutions for reducing atmospheric pollution and nuisance odours for more than 20 years. The Division is a leader when it comes to innovation. Excellent progress has been made developing and effectively integrating services and solutions across a broad range of sectors that capture both private and public sector clients, with improved air quality levels observed.

The SUEZ SES approach is modular; it can be accommodated for the needs of each client or site. The team of specialist air quality experts have established the Air Advanced® portfolio of air quality consultancy services and innovative solutions, developed to address the air quality agendas of public health, climate change & odour. The Air Advanced® portfolio serves the entire air quality value chain by ensuring a comprehensive end-to-end service from diagnosis, solution design and implementation, to review.

Contact Craig Lewis
Air Quality Business Development Manager
SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions
+44 (0) 7785 695 155

Turnkey Instruments

Turnkey Instruments Ltd. design and manufacture a range of easy-to-use dust monitors, created to continuously measure and record the concentration of airborne particles. Our instruments feature two modes; in environmental mode they can simultaneously monitor the concentrations of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles, while their workplace mode monitors the inhalable, thoracic and respirable fractions. In addition, they all include a data logging feature.

Every product includes a proprietary nephelometer, designed and produced by ourselves, that analyses the individual particles of an air sample as they pass through a laser beam; the particles are then collected on the reference filter. This advanced technology allows fractions to be determined at concentrations up to several mg/m³.

Our product range includes DustMate, Osiris and Topas. DustMate is a hand-held detector ideal for short term sampling and is highly effective for monitoring air quality within buildings and clean rooms, Osiris is a small and compact instrument designed to study particulate monitoring on a short to long term basis, used to determine exceedance areas while Topas is a fixed station monitor designed for long term installation. With Topas/Osiris, several sites can be linked together to form a larger monitoring system, controlled by our web server, using the 3G and 4G data network. Additionally, our latest noise monitor, i-dB &iVIBE can be used with both Osiris and Topas to create a full site monitoring station, designed to monitor both dust and noise & vibration emissions to meet all regulations.

South Coast Science

South Coast Science is a Brighton, UK based manufacturer of air quality instruments. Established in 2016, the Praxis/Urban product was developed in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and is now used across all seven continents. It can measure up to 9 different environmental parameters simultaneously and data is stored onboard the device as well as automatically uploaded to the South Coast Science cloud, where it can be downloaded into customer’s infrastructure. An open-source data platform is used so that users can, if required, compare raw with corrected data once it has been through the company’s bespoke correction algorithm.

The success of the Praxis/Urban led to the development of more products, the first of which launched early in 2021. The Praxis/OPCube is a small robust device for the environmental health/smart city sector offering gas plus particulate monitoring. Others in development include the Praxis/GasCube, a battery/solar powered device for odour monitoring in the wastewater treatment sector and the Praxis/IAQ for indoor air quality within schools, serviced offices and public buildings.

Confidence in the hardware is only one half of the equation however, having confidence in the data supplied is the other half. We are currently nearing the end of a data correction project and have spent three years collocating our instruments with government reference sites around the UK. PM and NO2 correction has now been finalised and we expect that this process will be completed for the remainder of the gases by the end of the year. Results are impressive with indicative values achieved for both species.   

SulNOx Group

SulNOx Group Plc – Taking You Further, Faster and Cleaner

The Greentech company providing next generation, natural solutions, for immediate progression towards carbon neutrality. 

SulNOx Group Plc specialises in providing responsible solutions towards decarbonisation of liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Our patented fuel additives are unique and made only from sustainable, biodegradable ingredients; reducing the production of harmful, environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions such as NOx (>30%), whilst also reducing deadly Particulate Matter (PMs), including soot and smoke (PM2.5 ↓60% and PM10 ↓50+%).

How it Works
The amount of each “emission” depends on the quality of combustion. When too little oxygen is available, this results in an inefficient burn and produces more CO and C (PMs). Using SulNOx fuel additives when filling up, increases the amount of oxygen available to the fuel – promoting cleaner combustion and optimal energy output, meaning reduced fuel consumption (typically between 8% and 10%).

Simple to use and immediately effective, SulNOx Group Plc currently has successful products in the global marketplace including our SulNOxEco™ Diesel and Petrol Fuel Conditioners which enhance all diesel, petrol, and biofuels by improving the burn profile; thereby reducing emissions whilst saving users money.

What sets SulNOx apart
Traditional fuel additives are fossil fuel based, often formulated from waste refinery products such as naphthalene or xylene. They work in the same way as adding lighter fluid to a fire to make the combustion of fuel burn harder and brighter and simply adding fossil fuels to the problem of fossil fuels. This is neither a solution for decarbonisation nor reducing the harmful impact that fossil fuel combustion is having on health and the environment; it simply masks the real problem of poorly combusted fuel by adding cetane points which are not a green credential.

SulNOx Group Plc has partnered with EcoVadis Gold rated Nouryon BV to produce our Greentech products. SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioners are verified by Bureau Veritas to be compatible with all diesel and gasoline type fuels (including EN590, EN16709 Biofuels (B20, B30), EN228 gasoline (E5 and E10)) and are certified to comply with, and not alter, the specification of any of these fuel types. SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is the only fuel additive that will not void your engine warranty as it remains fully compliant to recommended engine manufacturer standards.

Industries currently benefiting from using our products include transport (haulage, buses, coaches, taxis, van fleets etc.), shipping, oil companies, fuel storage and distribution, waste/reclamation, mining, generators, agriculture, and construction.

SulNOx Group Plc is a UK Public Limited Company, formed in 2012, trading on the pan-European Apex segment of the AQSE (Aquis Stock Exchange) growth market.

For more information please contact us through our website at or email

Global Plasma Solutions

Our needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI™) technology helps clean indoor air without producing harmful levels of ozone or other byproducts. All GPS needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI™) products are UL 2998 certified and CE compliant. Through NPBI, GPS products help improve the air by reducing airborne particles including certain odours, viruses and bacteria.

Evotech Air Quality

Compelled by worsening levels of air pollution in the UK, Evotech launched its specialist air quality division to help customers create safer working environments and is currently supporting clients to improve confidence in returning to the workplace during and after the pandemic. We help UK businesses and organisations create healthier and safer working environments by monitoring and transforming their indoor air quality.


Evotech Air Quality’s specialist engineers use easy to access data from state of the art, wireless air quality monitoring sensors in a building, to improve the air quality, by fine-tuning building environmental management systems and mechanical ventilation units, and where these are not installed, through the use of the latest air cleaning and filtration technology.


A national company based in Elland, Evolution Technical Services was established in 2003, and provides mechanical and electrical engineering solutions to a wide range of commercial, industrial, healthcare and retail customers.



AQMesh is the proven small sensor outdoor air quality monitor manufactured in the UK by Environmental Instruments Ltd and supported worldwide through a global network of distributors. It has been designed to offer a robust and easy-to-use air quality monitoring system that can deliver localised real-time readings, improving the accuracy and scope of gathering air quality data in order to support initiatives to reduce air pollution and its risk to human health.


AQMesh measures key pollutants in ambient air using the best small sensor technology combined with proprietary data processing derived from extensive global comparisons with reference data. The product combines a robust hardware platform with wireless power options and communication using the latest LTE communications standard – including NB-IoT support – cloud-based data processing and secure online access.


AQMesh pods have been on the market since 2012 and are being used in over 60 countries in a range of applications. Pods are manufactured to an exceptionally high quality based on many years’ experience of developing environmental monitoring equipment for harsh environments and challenging international standards.

SKC Limited

Environmental air sampling is carried out whenever there is a need to investigate contaminants in the air. Typical situations include the testing of hazardous waste sites, air emissions from industry and indoor air quality. SKC offers a wide range of direct reading instruments for monitoring for personal exposure, workplace exposure and environmental monitoring, including sophisticated ambient monitors for 24 hour sampling.

The latest Monitor to join the family is the HAZ-DUST 7204 Particulate Monitor

The HAZ-DUST 7204 is an instrument for concurrent dust monitoring and gravimetric dust sampling. Its large colour touch screen shows a real time graphical display of airborne particulate concentration in the breathing zone. By combining a flow compensated pump for gravimetric sampling with an optical sensor for particulate monitoring the HAZ-DUST 7204 removes the need for two separate devices.

  • Easy touch screen operation
  • Instantaneous, continuous display of TWA, STEL, Minimum, Maximum concentration in mg/m3
  • Sensor mounts directly in the breathing zone for a personal sample
  • Interchangeable sampling inlets for Inhalable, Thoracic and Respirable measurement
  • Can accept pre-weighed and preloaded 25 or 37 mm filter cassettes
  • Small and lightweight with integral belt clip
  • Operates for over 22 hours using rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Automatic data logging
  • Multiple language options
  • Easy to use DustComm Pro Software for data downloading, trend analysis and comprehensive reporting of concentration changes over time

For further information please contact our team direct on +44 (0) 1258 480188 or email mentioning ‘Air Quality News’

Contact Details:

SKC Limited
11 Sunrise Business Park,
Higher Shaftesbury Road
Blandford Forum
Dorset DT11 8ST

Tel: +44 (0) 1258 480188



Twitter:  @SKCSamplers


Ziggy Tec

ZiggyTec’s Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

We lend our customers our IoT Air Quality Devices and clients only pay for the Data. This business model is now being adopted by Savills, Aramark, CBRE, JLL amongst other of our blue chip clients as it’s the most cost effective model in the market.

  • Highly accurate, reliable and consistent data
  • No need to connect to clients WiFi or LAN
  • Battery Operated (5 years battery life)
  • No need to connect to power supplies
  • Installation within minutes
  • Access data through the ZiggyTec Platform or API (Gateway)
  • Readings uploaded every 30minutes
  • Full maintenance and upgrades
  • Aesthetically Sharp

ZiggyTec’s Air Quality Monitoring System measures

  1. Particulate Matter – PM2.5
  2. Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs
  3. Carbon Dioxide – CO2
  4. Temperature – °C
  5. Relative Humidity – %RH

Meets WELL v2 Building Certification requirements

Unlimited Licences to ZiggyTec Platform
No installation fees, no maintenance fees, no hidden costs.

Management Dashboard

ZiggyTec’s cloud based platform

  • Drill down data from every air quality unit
  • Fast, responsive and granular display of data
  • Instant download of data in multiple formats and reports  format, across all parameters


ZiggyTec’s API enables:

  • Customised analysis and presentation of data.
  • Customised alerts and warnings
  • Fast and full integration with any 3rd party software system


Zemo Partnership

Zemo Partnership, which was established in 2003, is a public-private partnership working to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower emission vehicles and fuels and create opportunities for UK business. Over 200 organisations are engaged from diverse backgrounds including automotive and fuel supply chains, vehicle users, academics, environment groups and others.

Zemo members have the opportunity to:

Connect: With privileged access to information, you’ll gain insight into low carbon vehicle policy development and into the policy process.

Collaborate: You’ll benefit from many opportunities to work – and network – with key UK and EU government, industry, NGO and other stakeholders

Influence: You’ll be able to initiate proposals and help to shape future low carbon vehicle policy, programmes and regulations

Vortex IOT

Vortex IoT offers a suite of cleantech air quality monitoring solutions that help organisations deliver greater environmental impact at an affordable price.

Vortex IoT SalixAir sensors and our ultra-low mesh network help drive down carbon footprint by removing the need to visit the device location for any maintenance or servicing needs. The result is that organisations can say goodbye to time consuming maintenance schedules as the sensors are managed remotely, lowering the cost of ownership and further supporting carbon reduction. In addition, we increase environmental impact by planting a tree with each device sold.

Our technology, designed to survive harsh environments, offers a multitude of benefits and functionality including:

– The ability to target specific areas with geofencing capabilities for hyperlocal measurement

– Support Low Emission Zones through Ulez monitoring

– Pollution source apportionment – real time continuous monitoring for evidence-based decision making

– Affordable – low capital and operating costs, allowing high density deployment

– Reliable – our highly accurate sensors use automatic drift and detection algorithms which are calibrated over the air

– Easy to fit – our sensors are easily fitted to existing lampposts

– Self-healing, self-organising, energy-aware network protocol

Supported by a grant from Innovate UK, Vortex IoT’s award winning technology integrates with existing business systems to enable organisations to discover new urban business models to create smart cities. Specifically designed for harsh and built-up environments, our sensors are robust and reliable.

We are delighted to be working with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to roll out the largest density of sensors in Europe to help improve air quality and health outcomes for its residents.

Find out about our affordable air quality monitoring solutions to help increase your environmental impact, contact us on

Urban Air Purifier

Urban Air Purifier is a company that manufactures equipment for filtering and eliminating pollutants, particles and organisms from the air. Initially, these equipment have been designed to combat pollution in cities, but given the emergency situation, its air filtering and sterilization system has been adapted in order to directly attack COVID-19.

The company was born 3 years ago as a result of the concern of its founder and president (Joaquín Cusí) for the problems generated by pollution and poor air quality in our environment and currently has more than 90 air purifiers installed throughout Spain.

All the development of the project has been done in Barcelona, ​​where it has its headquarters and the production plant. It is currently in the process of internationalization with units installed in Germany, France, the United States and Ireland. It has received the KIM (Knowledge Innovation Market) recognition for the “Best Sustainable Initiative”, the “Distinctive 22 @” for the development of a technological solution for air purification and UAP® technology has been certified by Bureau Veritas.

TSI Instruments Ltd.

TSI Instruments is a world leading manufacturer of precision measuring instruments for more than 50 years and has been setting the highest standards for measurements relating to environmental monitoring, aerosol science, airflow, chemical analysis, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics and biohazard detection. With decades of experience and highly trained staff, TSI offers the highest level of expertise in air quality measurement and environmental monitoring. Our European service department based in Buckinghamshire, UK ensures that our customers’ instruments are calibrated and maintained by manufacturer in market-leading turnaround time.

TSI’s MCERTS approved Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol monitor is used to measure aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and total size fractions. This instrument is ideal for short-term or long-term outdoor surveys and remote monitoring applications. The Environmental DustTrak™ provides real-time data, and can be set up and collecting data in less than an hour. Whether you work at a construction site or engineering firm, TSI’s Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor is compatible with a variety of sensors, allowing you to collect the data that matters. The Environmental DustTrak Monitor is built upon proven DustTrak technology that thousands of people use every day for more than 20 years.

Visit us today at or speak to our expert Andy Sinclair at 07741 905713 or send an email to

Fax: +44 (0) 149 4 459700

Siemens Mobility

As a market leader in intelligent traffic systems, Siemens Mobility Limited designs, manufactures, installs and maintains a broad portfolio of traffic management solutions worldwide.

The company’s product range includes traffic control, congestion charging and clean air zone solutions, as well as managed services, hosting, civil and criminal speed enforcement and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This suite of systems helps towns and cities to improve their traffic flow, reduce emissions and enhance road safety and air quality in congested urban areas.

Siemens Mobility’s enforcement solutions have been at the heart of London’s Congestion Charging and Low Emission Zone schemes since 2005 and our technology is used to enforce the city’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) that became operational in 2019. The company is also installing Clean Air Zone (CAZ) solutions in a number of UK cities, helping reduce air pollution by encouraging vehicle owners to transition to cleaner, less-polluting vehicles.

The company’s class leading ANPR cameras and intelligent vehicle recognition and analysis software means that all CAZ scheme variations can be effectively enforced. Its innovative and proven solutions are also used extensively by local authorities to enforce bus lanes, yellow box junctions and school keep clear zones.


Sensescape designs, builds and maintains environmentally effective plant-based solutions to solve a variety of problems. These include: cleaner air, improved mental health, increased value of land and easier planning applications.

We have worked with the construction industry, the NHS, corporate office refurbishment, high-end residential, local authority and the leisure sector.

We also can work with complimentary technological companies who are installing air monitoring equipment and services. Specialist plant based solutions such as living walls and green roofs designed and built correctly, can make a dramatic improvement to the localised environment they serve.

Working between our associates and ourselves, we have many years of specialised experience, and a willingness to engage on projects of varying size and complexity.

Interest in natural solutions is rapidly gaining ground. We thrive where biology and technology intersect to improve human health.

Scania GB

Scania Great Britain Ltd

With more than 50,000 employees in over 100 countries, Scania is the leading supplier of Trucks, Buses, Coaches and Power Solutions.

Within the UK, we directly employee more than 1,500 people in our national support centre and our wholly-owned network plus a further 1,000+ people across our exceptional franchise partners. With depots from Inverness in Scotland to Redruth in Cornwall, our outstanding geographical coverage of 80+ specialist sales and service depots ensure we’re always close to our customers.

Supporting and developing our employees, driving customer profitability and leading the charge in sustainability sit at the heart of how we operate, with our ambition to be the employer and
transport supplier of choice as well as the leading provider of sustainable transport solutions. This means integrating sustainability fully into the business and working with others to tackle impacts, transform our industry and create lasting value.

During 2020, Scania signed up to the Science Based Targets Initiative. Our target has been set in line with our 2020-2025 strategy and is considered very ambitious, but required, if we want to really drive the shift. We are just one of 87 companies who has committed to the tough target criteria of a 1.5 degree increase and we are the only heavy automotive manufacturer to make this commitment.

Recently, Scania launched a range of electric vehicles and has promised to launch a new electric vehicle each year, which further displays the passion our organisation has to lead the way in
sustainability and really make a difference


Roadgas, the UK’s leading supplier of natural gas and biomethane refuelling infrastructure, works with both the public and private sectors to provide a complete supply solution that meets the bespoke needs of small, medium and large fleet operators throughout the country.   Designing, building, installing and maintaining gas refuelling equipment – from CNG from the National Grid to LCNG, LNG, biomethane and hydrogen – we ensure your refuelling station is fully operational 24/7.

For  more information please visit, see our facebook page and twitter feed #Roadgas1 or call David Rix on 0115 822 5530

Rivervale Cars

Rivervale are based in Brighton but operate their services nationally. Rivervale, specialise in car, van and minibus leasing, fleet provision, fleet management, used car sales and vehicle servicing in partnership with Bosch. In 2020 Rivervale welcomed Maxus, formerly known as LDV to their offering to give customers a reliable route into commercial electric vehicles. The eDeliver3 and eDeliver9 are two fully electric vans currently available with many more soon to come.

As a leasing broker and motor trade organisation Rivervale have taken their own approach to a road to zero strategy. Rivervale adopted electric vehicles (EV) into their own company car fleet in 2018 and have several charge points on site at their headquarters. From their electric vehicle leasing hub, customers can find easy to absorb useful content about transitioning to EV’s. Whole life costs are often hard to calculate and therefore brushed under the carpet however Rivervale’s team of leasing experts are trained to help customers understand the true cost of motoring. Rivervale believe informing consumers takes away the need to sell, and in 2021 they are seeing huge growth in EV lease contracts and sales.

Working in close partnership with leasing funders and electric charger installation company Virtus Energy, Rivervale are the first to offer customers the opportunity to package a lease vehicle and home charger installation into one agreement. At the start of 2021 Rivervale began a further ‘green’ initiative when it introduced a partnership with tree planting organisation Eforests. For every EV leased or purchased Rivervale buy a tree which is then planted by Eforests where they are needed most to help further offset carbon footprints and acknowledge the customers decision to go eco.

RHT Industries Limited

RHT is principally an indoor environment air treatment manufacturer that brings to market innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly products used in a wide range of ever expanding industries and applications. Our products are used in the paint, perfume, air, rail, hotel industries, hospitals, offices and in the home.

Our technology is unique compared to others in the same industry space, where our patented principal air filtration treatment system NCCO has one of the longest lasting life expectancy (up to 12yrs), and at the end of life can easily and safely be disposed of compared to the more commonly used environmentally unfriendly activated carbon filters for instance. NCCO stands for the Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation and this unique and innovative technology was developed in collaboration with the internationally renowned Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It can kill bacteria and viruses as well as removing gaseous pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odours, converting them to harmless molecules of Carbon Dioxide and Water. In addition, our system also efficiently removes smoke, PM2.5 particulates, yeasts, and allergens.

In the UK we are introducing not only our industrial/commercial air treatment systems, but also to the home with our line of ‘b-Mola’ branded air treatment systems which use the power of NCCO technology and aided by our ‘SMART’ app technology.

Due to our highly regulatory compliant technology, our focus over the last two years has been in the European Life Science Sector and in particular hospitals where departments are increasingly affected by toxic and carcinogenic pollutants such as Formaldehyde and VOCs.  We have distribution partners in over 12 European countries and expanding strongly thanks to its uniquely effective, cost-efficient and sustainable technology.

RHT has offices in Hong Kong, North America and Berlin, together with a representative office in the UK. For more information as to how NCCO can help you;

Please visit the following websites –  /  /


Air Treatment Units for Industry and Commerce –  RHT Brand


Air Treatment Systems for the Home –  b-MOLA brand

We have a family of units that use our unique NCCO technology and many can be connected to and controlled by our ‘SMART’ mobile app.

Prodata Weather Systems

Prodata Weather Systems have been supplying environmental monitoring solutions to the UK market for nearly 25 years. Our extensive product portfolio and detailed knowledge means we are ideally situated to offer the appropriate solutions for basic to complex projects.

From standalone single sensors to complex multi sensor site coverage on a remote agricultural or industrial site to an inner-city school or tower block we work with the customer to assess their requirements and then provide the appropriate solution.

New to our range is the low-cost Davis Instruments 7210 Air Quality Sensor (mounted outside or indoors) for measuring airborne particulate matter. Data is taken to the WeatherLink Cloud platform and can then be displayed on a Mobile APP or accessed via the Cloud Portal.

Scalable from a single unit for the domestic customer or multiple units for the healthcare, business or education sectors.


Pollution Solution

Patented pollution control technology, independently verified to capture upto 97% of all vehicle exhaust and upto 90.6% of brake dust vehicle emissions. 

Our road based technology offers unrivalled levels of roadway pollution control by capturing emissions as close to the source as possible. 

Designed for use at junctions, highways, pollution hot-spots and fast food drive-thrus, our system utilises simple suction vents installed into the roadway and connected via pipework to a roadside air cleaning station to extract harmful gases and particulates before they enter the immediate atmosphere. The air is then cleaned to a level of 99% and passed back into the atmosphere, ensuring safe and legal quality air to breathe. 

Not only does our system allow operators to drastically reduce residents, staff, neighbours and or customers exposure to harmful pollutants, it also serves as a great means to lower carbon footprint, improve eco credentials, serve as a means to offset carbon tax, mitigate potential lawsuits and also reduce pollutant release into the atmosphere, which is proven to accelerate climate change.

Our system is capable of running from solar power, utilises low energy fans and all of the filters we use are cleanable and recyclable.

Systems are also available at nil cost on the basis of advertisement and sponsorship endorsements.

Please enquire for further information :

David Lewis – Commercial & Construction Director

Piera Systems

Piera Systems Inc. is focused on measuring Air Quality.  Piera’s next generation ‘Intelligent Particle Sensor’ (IPS) uses a breakthrough approach for detecting and measuring the quantity and size of particles with a proprietary mixed-signal ASIC,  the PCIC (Particle Counting Integrated Circuit).  Existing PM Sensors  use Low-Pulse Occupancy (LPO) detection which is inaccurate, low in resolution and slow.  IPS has superior accuracy, detects much smaller particles over a wider range (PM0.1-10.0+ microns) and counts them in real time.

IPS can be programmed to detect a wide range of particle sizes allowing for a single sensor to be used in a range of applications making it the first Software-Defined PM Sensor.  For the first time, applications can be developed that take advantage of low cost, accurate real time data on PM which can identify sources like vape, smoke, etc.  IPS can be integrated easily with Air Purifiers, Air Quality Monitors, HVAC systems and any application that benefits from complete, accurate, real-time data at low cost.
IPS is the first PM Sensor certified by the Korea Electronics Technology Institute.  A copy of the test report is available along with an evaluation kit. Details can be found at


Intelligent Particle Sensor


National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS) is passionate about improving the quality of life. Our mission is to provide holistic indoor air quality information using our high-quality, air pollution monitoring technology.

We are a family business with over 30 years’ experience in the development of air quality monitoring equipment and testing services. The team also has a comprehensive network in place with industry, government, and academia, and has published in scientific journals, been granted patents and awards, and is internationally respected in the community.

Incorporating the latest developments in compact sensor technologies, along with regulatory grade particulate matter, and other environmental measurements  NAQTS’s air quality monitoring systems are portable and easy-to-use, providing high-volume, scientifically accurate indoor air quality measurements. Available parameters include the full range of pollutants required by UK and international standards, along with:

  • Ultrafine particle – counting UFPs to the same standard as vehicle emissions tests
  • Speciated VOCs – allowing us to home in on specific volatile organic compounds in particular location

We measure a range of air pollutants for a holistic understanding of indoor air quality and demonstrate compliance with environmental standards and certification schemes. Coupled with the NAQTS Cloud, we provide the digital tools you need to easily monitor, analyse and improve your indoor air quality continuously.

Marston Holdings

At Marston Holdings we understand the current challenges our local authority clients are facing whether they be social, economic or environmental.

We work collaboratively with our 500+ clients in the UK and EU to develop, refine and execute a wide range of end to end transport and enforcement solutions to meet their local and combined air quality and environmental targets and objectives.

We provide complete design, build and enforce services for clean air zones and low emission zones and are working with many cities and regions on their bespoke solutions.

Our award-winning transport and design consultancy services provides the research, data analysis and business cases to secure funding and local support for clean air projects.

Our camera and technology solutions provide the backbone to road user charging and traffic enforcement services and provide a cost-effective solution to any road environment. Our common compliance camera/software technology platform delivers the highest value covering multiple different contravention types maximising return on investment and future proofing legislation change.

Our back office and enforcement expertise and experience can provide all statutory and regulatory services to provide a robust deterrent and behaviour change policies and tools to ensure good and early compliance.

Our UK and EU reach allows us to flex and scale services to meet local need and our award-winning debt management services provide an ethical and tailored service to achieve industry leading returns and customer service.


  • research and development
  • surveys and data collection
  • feasibility studies
  • concept to detail design
  • business cases
  • funding submissions
  • engagement and marketing
  • complementary measures design
  • IT system design



  • Fixed ANPR cameras
  • Mobile ANPR cameras
  • back office processing
  • data warehousing
  • system integration
  • website/app accessibility
  • traffic lines and signage
  • EV charging installation



  • PCN processing
  • UK debt services
  • Non UK debt services
  • Permitting/whitelisting
  • data analytics/BI
  • payments/refunds
  • audit/reporting


For further information contact – Nick Ruxton-Boyle
07767 833034

IAQM – Institute of Air Quality Management

The IAQM is the professional body for air quality professionals.

We act as the voice of air quality in the UK by producing useful and timely guidance on matters affecting air quality professionals and by responding to Government consultations.

The mission of the IAQM is to be the authoritative voice for air quality by maintaining, enhancing and promoting the highest standards of working practices in the field and for the professional development of those who undertake this work.

GRAMM SmogStop

GRAMM is the UK leading specialist in the design, supply & installation of environmental acoustic barriers with over 20 years of experience. We have constructed literally 1,000’s of Km’s of acoustic barriers of all types of materials throughout the UK and Europe.

GRAMM is the exclusive UK partner for SmogStop.

GRAMM SmogStop Barrier reduces air and noise pollution levels in surrounding neighbourhoods, and takes a two-pronged approach to reducing air pollution from major roads, highways and railways.

The patented aerodynamic design reduces pollution levels by enhancing dispersion so that neighbouring residents can breathe easier. At the same time, a proprietary coating on the barrier actually breaks down the NOx and VOCs that produce smog, transforming them into harmless by-products.

GRAMM SmogStop Barrier’s angled baffle and double-walled design serve two main purposes. First, they direct traffic emissions between the two walls, where a photo catalytic coating treats the pollutants. Second, they generate vortexes and enhance vertical mixing of emissions with clean air, further decreasing pollution levels in surrounding neighbourhoods.

The proprietary coating we’ve developed transforms smog-producing NOX and VOCs into harmless gases and water, powered purely by sunlight.

GRAMM SmogStop Barrier incorporates ClearSoundBlok: a sound-reducing, break-resistant and highly transparent grade of acrylic.

The result? A dramatic reduction in noise and air pollution — without sacrificing sunlight.

Over the course of a year, a single kilometre of GRAMM SmogStop Barrier can remove 16 tonnes of NOX— the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off that stretch of road.

BOTTOM-LINE BENEFITS: Reducing air pollution saves lives – and money

Give a Car

How the Giveacar Scheme Works

Giveacar is an organisation that is festooned in the art of turning a negative into a positive. By embracing unwanted, neglected or unusable cars and donating the proceeds raised through scrap or auction to charity, we are giving a new lease of life to both the vehicle that’s donated and the causes they support. Sandwiched between the charity sector and commercial re-sale of scrap metal and motor vehicles, we continue to be the trusted leader within the car donations service.

Our scrap car partners have sites strategically placed up and down the country, all of which are registered as Authorised Treatment Facilities and are regulated by the Environment Agency. We always provide our donors with a Certificate of Destruction as evidence that their vehicle has been recycled in accordance with proper etiquette. These are the key ingredients TfL require in order to gain eligibility for their scrappage scheme, therefore perfectly establishing Giveacar as the means with which people can join the TfL scheme.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, our sole income is generated through our admin fee. With vehicles that have a value of £149 and below we take a 25% fee, and vehicles worth £150+ we take an additional 5%. Many of our customers are happy to proceed on this basis, most notably because we communicate to them that with every £1 that’s donated we raise £11.30 for other charities, therefore maximising every donation we receive.

That’s Giveacar. We are the market experts and are driven towards a more charitable and sustainable environment.


FTA is one of the biggest business groups in the UK, supporting, shaping and standing up for efficient logistics. We are the only organisation in the UK that represents all of logistics, with members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers whose businesses depend on the efficient movement of goods. As champions and challengers, FTA speaks to Government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector, greatly increasing the impact of our messages and achieving amazing results for Members.

FTA supports the Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme (LERS), an industry-led scheme dedicated to recording, reporting and reducing carbon emissions from freight. The latest data released in the LERS eighth Annual Report Update shows that LERS members registered average emissions levels 13 per cent per vehicle km lower than in the wider logistics industry. This reduction in emissions directly led to a similar saving in fuel costs. The LERS demonstrates how supply chains can reduce carbon emissions through voluntary agreements rather than regulation and shows how businesses and the environment can benefit from sharing best practice.

FTA is also supporting logistics in meeting carbon reduction targets by promoting and supporting the use of alternative fuels. Operators of national heavy goods vehicle fleets are considering wider use of natural gas and biomethane powered vehicles to help achieve operational efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions. To support this FTA has developed a natural gas-powered heavy goods vehicles manifesto for achieving breakthrough in the take-up of natural gas-powered heavy goods vehicles.

For further information to become a member –

EnviroVent Ltd

EnviroVent is the UK’s leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of energy efficient and sustainable ventilation products to improve indoor air quality and control the humidity levels which cause condensation and mould problems.

For over 20 years, EnviroVent has tackled condensation and mould in over a million properties. Our award winning range of condensation control products come with long-term warranties, and are fitted by qualified professional engineers.

Consistent with our commitment to develop sustainable products, our UK manufacturing plant also provides the perfect facility to recycle worn out components, eliminating the wasteful disposal of plastic to landfill. Manufacturing onsite also enables us to maintain the strictest levels of quality control and testing.

The effect of not having good indoor air quality is dramatic. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors and 70% of this time is spent in their own home. The indoor living environment is therefore crucial to the health of the occupants.

The modern home has become increasingly energy conscious. We have insulated, draught proofed, double glazed and progressively sealed our homes from an essential supply of fresh air. This may save energy, however we’re now breathing in stale, contaminated, humid air.

EnviroVent has a solution for every type of property, you can be assured that not only will your indoor air quality be dramatically improved, but so will your health and your heating bills. Visit our website at or call us on 0345 27 27 810 to speak with one of our ventilation specialists.

Environmental Monitoring

Em-Monitors(Environmental Monitoring)is a specialist provider and manufacturer of a range of environmental monitoring equipment.

We recognise the need to minimise cost by providing accurate and meaningful data remotely to any location in the world.

Our air monitoring systems cover indicative indoor and air quality systems as well as reference system required to report to national standards.

Environmental Monitoring also provide workplace monitoring equipment and training, so that you can produce professional reports with confidence.

Environmental Monitoring covers all your environmental monitoring requirements.

Enviro Technology Services Ltd (ET)

Enviro Technology Services (ET) was founded in 1983. Now active in over 60 countries with a multi-million pound turnover, ET has evolved over 37 years to become a global provider of air quality and emissions monitoring systems and servicing.

The UK-based company sell and lease equipment, systems and services covering the monitoring of ambient air quality (AQM), continuous emissions (CEM) and indoor air quality. ET also supplies cutting-edge analytical equipment for scientific, process and research monitoring including the monitoring of greenhouse and toxic gases.

The company has the UK’s largest network of field-based service engineers in the industry. The team service air monitoring equipment on some 500 sites across the UK and Ireland, as well as work on global installation projects.  A diverse client base ranges from UK and overseas government departments and local authorities, to research institutes and blue chip industry.

ET’s headquarters are in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The company operates out of a custom-designed 1700m2 factory featuring fully air-conditioned calibration and repair laboratories, in-house system manufacturing and dedicated testing and training facilities.


Safe, sustainable development that protects respiratory health is a priority for everyone. But taking action is hard, especially with fast-growing, complex urban supply chains.  Businesses and local authorities are trying to reduce vehicle pollution in their communities, but current solutions aren’t good enough and priorities between different organisations are not aligned.

Investments to reduce pollution, that protect communities, workers and businesses need a new approach that actually reduce pollution. That’s EMSOL

EMSOL work with leading organisations like Balfour Beatty, City of London, Cory Environmental, Croydon, Hansons and Mace to help them take steps every day to reduce pollution. EMSOL works by fusing air and noise quality monitor data with vehicle tracking data, to pinpoint specific pollution sources in real-time.

Armed with real-time granular evidence, you can instantly take action to combat the problem. That’s how you take control over your supply chain pollution, moving from simply monitoring air and noise pollution to reducing it. To protect your community and your people.

Message us now and let’s explore how EMSOL will work for you.

EEMC Monitors

Straightforward, modern, cloud-based environmental monitoring solutions. High quality, with exceptional value for money.

EEMC Monitors, sole UK distributors for Omnidots, offer Mcerts certified particulate monitoring. This cloud-based solution, using Omnidots intuitive, Honeycomb cloud-platform, provides real-time data visualisation, email/SMS alerts and remote system configuration and updates.

The HIVE dust PM10 monitoring solution uses the industry standard MetOne ES-642 in conjunction with Omnidots HIVE telemetry.

Monitoring of particulate matter is typically a requirement for construction, demolition and infrastructure projects, this compact and lightweight solution provides reassurance that local air quality is not being significantly affected by the works.

Deployment on site is quick and easy with ‘plug & play’ setup, and routine maintenance is straightforward to undertake. Calibration is recommended on a 2-year interval and support and service are provided by our knowledgeable UK based team.

We also provide industry leading vibration monitoring using the Swarm Vibration Monitor, a hand-held device, quick and easy to deploy and designed with construction applications in mind.

EEMC Monitors offer a complete solution for monitoring of both dust and vibration ensuring all your data is accessible on one cloud-based platform.

Key Features:-

  • Mcerts certified site hardware
  • Compact, lightweight & robust, easy to install and maintain
  • Fully cloud-based platform, with full remote management of real-time data, alerts & configuration using the intuitive Honeycomb cloud-platform
  • Simple routine maintenance with UK technical support and calibration
  • Full technical support and after-sales service
  • Free virtual training and software updates
  • Simple costs, with no hidden charges
  • High quality, industry leading hard and software

Cloud-based monitoring solutions to the environmental & engineering profession.

If you would like to find out more about our products and services, discuss your requirements, or book a demonstration, simply follow the links, or give us a call.



Problem: Last mile delivery costs are one of the biggest expenses in supply chain (avg. 53%). On average, traditional last mile delivery methods waste  £3.8/hour.  Six million people in England are at high risk of lung damage and other serious illnesses caused by toxic air.

Solution: ecofleet are here to shake that up. Built on the obsession of the future of logistics, we are innovating the way goods are transported in London. Designed in Denmark with a load capacity of 230 kg and 60 miles on full charge, our bikes reduce the average delivery time by 40 minutes and save an average of 350 tonnes of CO2e per year. Our unique API integration makes it easy for clients to track their deliveries and also gives our client’s customers complete transparency into the journey of their goods.

We believe that sustainability is a mindset – it’s not just about polluting cities less, and creating healthier lungs but it is also about having ethical business practices. 50% of our management team is female and 70% of our team is non-white. All of our riders have a full PAYE and national insurance and, £800/month of company funds is dedicated to advancing the education of riders. Lastly, we operate out of a fully self-sustaining warehouse in south London.

When setting up ecofleet we had in mind to build a business that makes sense for people, for dense cities, for the planet and for profit. It is our aim to help change peoples’ delivery mindset and by promoting cycle freight we will improve the air quality of our city.



EarthSense is a leading air quality specialist, providing expert services in air pollution monitoring, modelling and data provision. EarthSense deliver innovative solutions, enabling the world to visualise and manage its air quality issues with the mantra: Measure. Model. Act.

Offering a complete data solution to air pollution from inception to implementation, EarthSense’s modelling and monitoring products highlight a reputation for technical excellence in air quality services in the UK and abroad. Products include the Zephyr air quality monitor and versatile modelling programme MappAir, carefully validated against the government standard Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN) for gaseous pollutants including Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and Particulate Matter.

Born of fifteen years of academic research at the University of Leicester, EarthSense’s use of big data and analytics is beneficial to researchers, policy makers and local councils to help inform major urban planning investments and make a real difference to people’s lives.

EarthSense provide reliable air quality information to assess historic exposure and quantify future risk, developing data solutions that are indispensable to conveyancers and residential service providers. EarthSense also create critical components in smart systems, developing interactive apps that can help behavioural change initiatives for car manufacturers as well as anyone with an interest in monitoring the air they breathe.

Provided by outstanding personnel within an innovative culture, EarthSense offers a superior user experience with dedicated technical support. Clients will have the benefit of working with a UK-based company passionate about fighting air pollution and reducing its devastating health, environment and economic impacts.


CO2Meter is often identified as the leading source for gas detection, indoor air quality monitoring, and analytical solutions.

Our devices incorporate both fixed, portable, and desktop technologies which range across monitoring Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Particulate Matter (PM2.5/10) Contaminants.

With so much time indoors it is important to monitor the air you breathe and by monitoring Carbon Dioxide you can improve occupant comfort, mitigate airborne viruses, and provide energy efficiency.

With more than 1 million devices sold worldwide, our extensive array of business partnerships includes companies in restaurant, indoor agriculture, indoor air quality, HVAC, university research, and many more.

To learn more about CO2Meter and our indoor air quality solutions, contact us at or visit our website at


CarTakeBack is the UK’s largest network of scrap car recycling centres with over 300 sites across the UK. CarTakeBack provide a scrap car recycling service to the public and businesses including vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, police forces, auction houses as well as local authorities and government bodies.

Tackling Air Pollution

Taking older polluting cars off the road, recycling them to the highest standards and replacing them with a greener form of transport has a positive impact on the environment and the quality of the air we breathe. Many Local Authorities use our service to dispose of abandoned vehicles and supply our information to residents to ensure they are aware of how to legally and safely dispose of an old car.

Vehicle Recycling

CarTakeBack offers a fast and efficient way to dispose of vehicles by providing an instant online quote, free collection from any home or business address, and scrap vehicles are recycled to the highest standards. If permitting, and deemed the most environmentally friendly option, the vehicle or its parts may be repaired and reused.

All of CarTakeBack’s recycling centres are fully equipped and authorised to treat vehicles in accordance with strict environmental regulations, and our team have the knowledge and expertise to provide the highest standards of service in car recycling, whatever your needs.

Government Regulations

All vehicles scrapped by CarTakeBack are recycled in line with the government’s End of Life Vehicle Regulations – meaning 95% of an end of life vehicle is recycled, recovered or reused – and we have exclusive partnerships with major vehicle manufacturers including the likes of Ford, Renault, Nissan, Peugeot Citroen, Tesla and Jaguar Land Rover. We also work closely with Defra to ensure that our contracted car makers and car recycling centres comply with the law.

Scrappage Schemes

CarTakeBack have a successful history of handling and supporting vehicle scrappage schemes. Including government and local authority schemes as well as vehicle manufacturer and dealership lead schemes. We are already fully set up and ready to go with systems and teams of staff to provide a full management and administrative service to suit your requirements, and can launch and manage schemes quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Specialist Electric Vehicle Handling

CarTakeBack is at the forefront of electric vehicle recycling, using its industry leading expertise to inform various high level research projects and to support its recycling partners. Along with offering professional advice CarTakeBack has invested in comprehensive training programmes to support its partners in offering a safe, professional and environmentally responsible collection, dismantling and recycling service for both electric vehicles and their batteries at their end of life’

Get in touch

Contact CarTakeBack to find out more about our services or simply link to our website to let people know how they can do their bit for air quality by getting rid of an older polluting car.

Campbell Associates

Campbell Associates are proud to supply a market leading range of Air Quality Monitors from Aeroqual, to monitor PM2.5, PM10, NO2, Ozone and other gases, all in the one small box.  The product range includes both hand-held and complete fixed monitoring systems for indoors and outdoors, as well as a range of Ambient Air Quality Analysers.  The AQY Micro and the AQS 1 Mini Air Quality Monitoring Systems use specialised sensor technology to conquer the difficult problem of recording ozone and nitrogen dioxide levels as two separate scientifically credible measurements, without the need for web-based algorithms. Aeroqual have created analysers which are not only low cost, low maintenance and deliver data without an internet connection, they produce data of a quality previously only possible from reference equivalent analysers. Our air quality specialist Peter Fleming, an expert in his field is fully satisfied after much research, comparison and analysis, the AQY & AQS 1 deliver a new level of ozone, NO2 and particulate measurement accuracy.


Cambustion is an independent, privately owned company with headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

The company was founded in 1987 by a research group at Cambridge University Engineering Department, to produce a fast response Flame Ionisation Detector for hydrocarbon measurement. This analyzer had immediate applications in engine and catalyst development and found users at OEMs and universities, since the rapid time response allowed new insights into engine behaviour.

Today the company has two groups, the Products group and the Engineering Services group.

Please feel free to contact Cambustion for further information.

Bureau Veritas UK Ltd

Bureau Veritas is a leading global testing, inspection and certification company that provides a wide range of independent compliance services to private and public bodies across the world. Our UK Air Quality Practice is the leading provider of independent and impartial advice on all aspects of air quality management. This covers compliance reporting at national, regional and local scales under statutory assessment work for public bodies; planning and development consent work under Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); environmental permitting requirements for regulated industrial sites; investigation of dust and odour nuisance; and provision of expert witness services for planning inquiries, litigation cases or judicial reviews.

Bureau Veritas has the experience, knowhow and professional acumen to improve your productivity and performance; helping you to build a responsible, safe and sustainable future for your business. Our people will apply tailored solutions and innovative approaches, which can be demonstrated to your stakeholders through our esteemed and trusted brand. It is our mission to help you go beyond simple compliance by reducing your risks, improving your performance and helping you to innovate to meet the challenges of quality, health & safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Working together, we will collaborate to improve the safety of the world we all live in.

AS Modelling & Data Ltd

AS Modelling & Data are well established as providers of atmospheric dispersion and deposition modelling of odour, ammonia and other pollutants using the latest version of ADMS for a wide range of clients including intensive pig and poultry units, dairy and beef cattle farms, the waste water industry, waste management, general manufacturing and Local Authorities. Our team can provide the expertise, modelling, data and reports for odour, ammonia and air quality assessments including detailed modelling of emissions from ammonia scrubbers and innovative ventilation systems.

AS Modelling & Data can also provide meteorological station data and site-specific Numerical Weather Prediction data for any site location in the world, which can be converted for use within ADMS. Meteorological parameters we currently provide include rainfall, temperature, wind speed and direction, snow depth, soil moisture content and cloud cover, although we can acquire the data for many others on request.

The team have a wealth of knowledge and experience with backgrounds in the Met Office Rural Environment Team, ADAS and post-graduate study in meteorology and climatology. We are able to assist with complicated projects and can provide expert witness testimonial where necessary. Please get in touch with one of our team with any questions or enquiries.

Arcola Energy

Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for energy and transport. The company was founded to address the “deployment gap” between ever-evolving clean energy technologies and end-user needs. Through 10 years of working with leading players across government, industry and academia we have built strong relationships and a deep understanding of the technologies, companies, market opportunities and potential pit-falls in this fast-changing industry.

We help our customers to develop the right technology, supply-chain, deployment strategy, and aftermarket solutions, avoiding costly mistakes and aiming to delight end-users. We have a collaborative approach, building long-term partnerships with and between our customers, suppliers and end-users.

Being privately owned, we offer a truly independent view of the industry and are able to continually adapt our offerings to suit evolving customer needs throughout the product life-cycle. Our independence also allows us to focus on what we believe in – products which make a positive contribution to society, delivered with total commitment to quality, safety and compliance. Our manufacturing, installation and service facility in Liverpool City Region has capacity to supply 1,000s of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles per year. Our Head Office is co-located with Arcola Theatre in the creative technology hub of Hackney, East London. Drawing on creative and science expertise we have a unique and transformative approach to public engagement and education to support technology adoption.


Aquaten has developed a range of products to help reduce the impact of air pollution on vulnerable people.

Our latest product – Aquaten Clean Green planters – is a significant tool in the fight against urban pollution.

Our aim is to provide and achieve:

– Clean air zones around areas where vulnerable people congregate;

– Improve health, well-being and quality of life for all who may be affected by poor air quality.

Aquaten Clean Green planters (ACG) take an holistic approach to tackle the multiple aspects of harmful airborne pollution. They have been developed with air-cleansing and aesthetics as their core benefits.

Each ACG captures noxious gases and particulate matter thereby cleaning 340 cubic meters of air, creating a mini clean air zone where they are positioned, offering the potential for 10 ACG’s to clean 3,400 cubic meters of air for every recharge.

ACG planters work by using activated carbon, Aquaten absorbent fibre and green screens in a unique way which attracts and neutralises pollutants from the air; particularly ozone, benzene and particulate matter, all of which reduces lung function and increase the incidence of respiratory symptoms, respiratory hospital admissions and mortality

Through the process of preferential adsorption ACG panels will neutralise pollutants such as benzene, chlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, diesel and automotive fumes, naphtha and naphthalene, nitrobenzene, ozone, phenol, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), smog, tar and toluene from the air. We calculate that each unit will provide enough capacity to clean 340 cubic metres of air. This will capture 80 billion PMs per week and the dangerous ozone and benzene in that zone.

The product recharges naturally, given normal conditions. We also provide a maintenance programme to ensure that ACG operates at maximum capacity during its life.

The addition of Aquaten absorbent fibre into the product in order to capture toxic rain and prevent toxic run off into drains and gutters is another unique element of this product.

For further information please contact;

Andrew White on 07816 393490

AirProfiling Ltd

The UK’s go-to distributor of the brilliant

uHoo “PRO” Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

uHoo “PRO” represents the pinnacle of the new generation of Indoor Air Quality Monitors designed for commercial applications:

  • compact
  • lower cost
  • web-based (including IoT)
  • compact
  • very informative
  • intuitive to use
  • API-enabled versatility
  • fast upload of data
  • energy saving
  • low maintenance
  • low operational cost
  • aesthetically superb

NINE Monitored Parameters

uHoo “PRO” delivers more actionable information than any other by monitoring:

  1. Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2
  2. Particulate Matter – PM2.5
  3. Volatile Organic Compounds – tVOCs
  4. Ozone – O3
  5. Carbon Dioxide – CO2
  6. Carbon Monoxide – CO
  7. Temperature – °C
  8. Relative Humidity – %RH
  9. Air Pressure – mbar
  • Meets WELL v2 Building Certification requirements
  • Unlimited number of monitors per account.
  • Annual software licence per monitor

Management Dashboard

With a feature-packed cloud-based dashboard, uHoo “PRO” makes possible:

  • Insights into the data from every monitor
  • An unprecedented level of control and management of indoor air quality – fast, responsive and granular
  • Total control over internal personnel access to IAQ data, person by person, monitor by monitor
  • Total control over external access to IAQ data – stake-holders, contractors, strategic parties
  • Direct comparison of data between 2 or more monitors, parameter by parameter
  • Instant download of data in CSV format, across all parameters
  • Instant screen-shots in JPG format.


uHoo “PRO’s” APIs enable:

  • Customised analysis and presentation of data.
  • Customised alerts and warnings
  • Fast and full integration with:
  • Regular BMS
  • The world’s leading and latest generation of Building Automation Systems

Market Sectors

  • Facilities management
  • Commercial and institutional offices, local authority controlled premises
  • Hospitality – hotels, restaurants, bars, event venues, conference centres
  • Leisure – gymnasiums, leisure centres
  • Health Care – hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, care homes, nursing homes
  • Education – day nurseries, play groups, primary & secondary schools, universities
  • Housing – multiple premises managed by Housing Associations and Local Authorities


Airly provides ultra-local, accurate, predictive air quality data to enable governments, companies and individuals to reduce air pollution globally.

The system involves dense networks of sensors that measure particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) and gaseous compounds (NO2, SO2, O3 and CO). It provides users live access to this data through an intuitive mobile app and online map.

Airly’s unique AI-powered air quality forecast function allows it to predict the flow of pollutants for the next 24 hours with a verifiability of up to 95%.

With more than 10,000 data points in over 30 countries, Airly’s customers comprise over 400 local governments and cities including Berlin, Jakarta, Oslo, Rome, Athens and Krakow, corporates such as Philips, PwC, Motorola, Aviva, Veolia and Skanska, as well as schools, universities, and charitable foundations. Airly’s recently launched API allows media, technology, and finance companies to access live air quality data globally.

Aeris Air Quality Analysers

Made in Britain – reduce your carbon footprint!

 AE2041 NOx

AE2010 O3

AE2050 SO2

AE2030 CO

Cabinets of all sizes available starting from a footprint of just 0.7mfor a single pollutant.

Lease Terms available from 1 month upwards

Delivery can be arranged in just a few days

Data Guarantee! A repair or a new analyser within 48 hours

Data Reporting included

LSO available

Contact us now for a quote!  01279 730029 /

Acoem UK

Part of the ACOEM Group, we are committed to sustainable development and helping companies and public authorities limit their environmental impact. We offer products and services that prevent and control air, noise and vibration pollution, increase the productivity and reliability of industrial machinery & contribute to the development of effective, robust & noiseless products

With decades of experience and high levels of expertise, including a UK-wide network of highly trained and equipped service engineers; Acoem UK is able to select the best instruments from leading global manufacturers.  These include Ecotech, AQMesh, Palas, Aethlabs, Thermo, 2B Technologies, Lufft and others.

The company’s products include gas, particulate and meteorological monitoring instruments for personal, portable and fixed installations in applications such as occupational safety, toxic gas detection, leak detection, process monitoring, fenceline monitoring, environmental monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring. The company’s products are also employed extensively by leading UK researchers.

The staff at Acoem UK are experts in air quality; able to provide help and guidance on which technologies are best suited for specific applications.