Air quality monitored at site of fire in Wales

A mobile air quality monitoring unit has been sent to the site of a fire at a waste paper collection firm by Environment Agency Wales.

Firefighters have been regularly attending the scene at Adrian Lewis Waste Paper Collection Ltd in South Wales as the fire has continued to reignite since it started on Saturday January 5.

An air quality monitoring team has been deployed at the site of a fire at a waste paper firm in South Wales amidst public health concerns

An air quality monitoring team has been deployed at the site of the fire at a waste paper firm in South Wales amid public health concerns

As a result, residents close to the site of the blaze in Nantyglo have been advised by the council to close windows and doors in order to minimise exposure to smoke.

The air quality monitoring unit was despatched as a result of concerns received by Blaenau Gwent county borough council and Public Health Wales from local residents about possible health impacts from the fire.

Data from the air quality monitoring will be collected over a short period of time and shared with the council and Public Health Wales, an Agency spokesperson said.

The site has been regularly monitored since the fire broke out, but officers have reported no signs of any impact to the nearby environment at this stage, according to the Agency.

A spokesperson from Environment Agency Wales said: “We’ve been monitoring conditions at the site of the incident closely over the last week and we’re confident that the impact on the environment has been minimal.

“By deploying our mobile air quality monitor we will be able to provide detailed information to our partner organisations so they can give the best advice to local people.”

A spokesperson from Blaenau Gwent council said: “In conjunction with Public Health Wales, Blaenau Gwent Council advised that residents keep their windows and doors closed and minimise their outdoor exposure to the smoke.”

Commenting on state of the fire, a spokeswoman for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews are standing by while the extinguished material is removed from the site and will dampen down material until it is considered fire safe.”

The Agency has started its own investigation into the cause of the fire, which is currently unknown.

An Agency spokesperson said: “Our main priority at the moment is to work with the Fire and Rescue Service to make sure that the fire risk has passed and that local people and the nearby environment are protected. Once this has happened, we will then need to look closely at what caused the fire.

“If we find evidence to suggest that the company were in breach of their environmental permit, we will take the necessary action against them.”

The site is permitted by the Agency to accept and sort mixed residential and commercial waste.

Adrian Lewis Waste Paper Collection Ltd were unavailable for comment.