UK survey on petrol car ban created by motoring lobbyist contained ‘loaded questions’

A poll, published last weekend in The Sun newspaper, suggested most Britons oppose an all-electric motoring future, but responses may not be all they seem.  

In January, FairFuelUK, an anti-fuel duty lobby group with links to transport industry bodies Logistics UK and the Road Haulage Association, questioned the public on views relating to Westminster’s proposals to ban all new cars powered by fossil fuels by 2030. 

The survey, developed in collaboration with the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) and Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), garnered over 40,000 responses. It concluded three in five people oppose the ban, and would not vote for MPs that support it. Furthermore, 79% believed the UK’s net-zero target of 2050 was ‘unlikely or impossible’.

In comparison, there was overwhelming support for CAR26, a group many regard as climate science deniers, and specifically its campaign for a referendum on net-zero. However, a subsequent investigation by DeSmog has thrown the legitimacy of the survey into question, finding loaded language and misleading information. 

One question, which garnered a 74% ‘No’ response, was worded as follows: ‘Are you getting accurate, reliable and objective information to believe the case for the government’s 2050 net zero aspirations that would definitely impact on your standard of living?’

Another, ‘What are your thoughts on CO2?’, was supported with a link to the FairFuel webpage CO2 Facts, which details the role carbon dioxide plays in boosting crops. Crucially, it does not mention its part in rising global temperatures and the climate crisis. 

‘This was a fake, loaded survey. Many questions even prevented respondents who disagree with FairFuelUK expressing a different view,’ Greg Archer, UK Director of green NGO Transport & Environment, told DeSmog. ‘FairfuelUK represents a selfish, vocal minority of drivers who want to use their vehicle without being impeded by cyclists or pedestrians, and who care nothing about the pollution and harm they cause… Legitimate surveys show fewer than one in five people think too much is spent on protecting the environment and addressing climate change.’ 

In related news, a new study by the environmental charity WWF suggests that switching to ‘nature-friendly’ farming could be the equivalent of removing 900,000 cars from UK roads. 

Image credit: Engin Akyur


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