Vortex achieves MCERTS Certification for VTX Air Monitors

Managed by the CSA Group, the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme, known as MCERTS, provides a robust platform for ensuring compliance with European directives governing industrial emissions, monitoring data, equipment, and personnel.

Being certified for regulatory purposes gives our customers an extra layer of confidence for accurate and reliable measurements of particulate pollution trends and source identification studies when measuring PM 2.5. This allows them to operate in numerous heavy-condition industries such as manufacturing, waste and construction companies.

Vortex’s MCERTS certification process involved rigorous evaluation and verification to ensure the highest quality and performance standards. This was achieved through submitting test reports and a thorough product manufacturing audit to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Regarding data accuracy, Vortex’s active sampling methods were tested and analysed on both quantitative and qualitative methods to deliver accurate and reliable data, meeting the strict requirements set forth by regulatory bodies.

The adverse health effects of PM 2.5, highlighted by the World Health Organisation as the most harmful to public health, have elevated the importance of monitoring and mitigating this invisible pollutant. Vortex’s MCERTS-certified PM 2.5 air monitors enable local authorities, environmental agencies, and other stakeholders to proactively address air quality challenges and implement effective strategies for improving public health.

Sharadha Kariyawasam, Chief Innovation Officer said: ‘We are immensely proud to have achieved the MCERTS certification for our PM 2.5 air monitors, and it’s indeed a significant milestone for the company. It validates our product’s performance, accuracy, and compliance standards.

‘This certification unlocks fresh prospects to collaborate with organisations seeking certified environmental monitoring solutions.’

Vortex’s MCERTS-certified PM 2.5 air monitors have already demonstrated their value in real-world deployments. An exemplary case study with Cardiff Council showcases the positive impact of Vortex’s solution in their region, providing valuable insights into their air quality management strategies.

Click here for more information about Vortex’s MCERTS-certified PM 2.5 air monitors.


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