Camden Clean Air becomes London Clean Air

Clean Air Day saw the launch of  London Clean Air, which represents the evolution of Camden Clean Air into a city-wide initiative.

Georgina McGivern, Programme Director at London Clean Air said: ‘Camden will always be our home and the community that inspired our mission. We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made in Camden, and we are excited to bring our expertise and passion to other boroughs across London.

‘It is deeply encouraging to see the growth of community engagement and demand for action throughout London. This expansion is our response to that call, and we’re optimistic that together we can make a real difference across the city. Air pollution is a city-wide challenge, and we believe that by working together, we can create a cleaner, greener city for all Londoners.’

Camden Clean Air was established during COVID and quickly established itself as a driving force in raising awareness about air pollution and its impact on public health. 

The organisation’s achievements in Camden include:

• Engagement with 6,000+ students and 200+ businesses
• Rewilding of 60+ schools and businesses through the Camden BeeLine project
• Partnering with AirLabs and Camden Council to create a monitoring network of 229 real-time air quality sensors
• Delivering their Community Air Pollution Sensors to 14 schools as part of  citizen-science EdTech project, supported by Google

London Clean Air will continue to build upon its successful track record in Camden, leveraging its experience and network to implement impactful programmes in other boroughs.

Valeria Pensabene, Community Director at London Clean Air said: ‘We’re thrilled to see this community-driven movement grow. ‘Our schools programme of workshops and assemblies has educated and empowered children to become advocates for their own health and well-being, and we’re excited to run more of these at schools across London.’

The expansion will bring London Clean Air’s core programmes to new communities, focusing on:

• Air Quality Education and Awareness: Workshops, school assemblies, and resources to educate Londoners about air pollution and its solutions.
• Community Engagement and Empowerment: Partnering with local organisations, businesses, and schools to develop and implement community-led initiatives that promote cleaner air solutions.
• Advocacy and Policy: Working with policymakers and stakeholders to advocate for stronger air quality regulations and policies that protect public health.
• Research and Innovation: Supporting research and innovation in air quality monitoring and mitigation technologies.

London Clean Air website has also launched today.

Paul Day
Paul is the editor of Public Sector News.


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