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Technology company uses blockchain to create real-time air pollution sensors

The world’s first air quality monitor using the Algorand blockchain has been developed by technology company Algorand and the environmental monitoring service, PlanetWatch.

According to Algorand, current air quality monitoring methods are inadequate due to their lack of real-time data reporting, which as a result, leads to delays in pollution peaks and a lack of warnings to endangered populations. 

PlanetWatch is developing a new global network of mobile air quality sensors. The devices will validate, filter and display the data in real-time through a mobile app and the data will be published onto the Algorand blockchain to create air quality data. 

A blockchain is a growing list of records that are linked using cryptography, each block contains a timestamp and transaction data.

W. Sean Ford, chief operating officer at Algorand said: ‘Algorand’s protocol was built by the team to be energy conscious with the minimal processing power needed to achieve consensus in its innovative pure proof-of-stake approach.

‘The eco-friendliness of the Algorand network makes for a natural partnership with PlanetWatch to help global populations access transparent and reliable information about air quality in their locations.

‘We are working to be part of environmental solutions from air quality and beyond.’

Claudio Parrinello, CEO of PlanetWatch, said: ‘The missing link in air quality monitoring is high-density, low-cost sensor network, delivering real-time data.

‘Historically, air pollution is monitored through large, expensive scientific instruments installed in a small number of locations, with data not being published in real-time.

‘Through Algorand’s highly secure, fast, and energy-efficient protocol, data is recorded onto the blockchain for anyone to access.

‘This data has vast commercial and scientific value as air quality pollution will become more prevalent in the coming decades.’

In related news, last year (October 2019), scientists in Colorado developed a real-time air pollution sensor that is the size of a name tag. 

Photo Credit – Pixabay 

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